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Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter VI: Dealing with Liberation

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19. The Story of Iksvaku

When the Ego-Sense Dissolves

When the ego-sense dissolves in the mind
Such a mind is free of greed and delusion
No provocation can shake the virtue
Of he who delights in the true welfare of all
Conditioning and tendencies are undone
Anger does not surge uncontrollably
Desires just do not reside within
The senses function in perfect balance
Pleasure and pain come and go
Without disturbing the inner storefront
The heart regards these as insignificant
And rests in peace and equanimity
All these virtues reside naturally in him
Effortlessly he glides through all action
Responding to situations best as they come
Without personal agenda, confusion or pain
He who ignores self-knowledge's path
Which is within reach of all, in every condition
Abandons his highest good and supreme peace
Choosing to continue in samsara's wheel

Iksvaku, your Ancestor

Your own ancestor, the king Iksvaku
Pondered deeply while ruling as king
The way out of suffering once and for all
And sought instruction from his father

Manu's Instructions

His wise father, having attained the supreme
Instructed him thus: listen attentively
"What you see here does not exist
Beyond the senses, nothing is seen
The eternal and infinite self alone exists
The universe you see reflects within it
Because energy is inherent in consciousness
Everything appears alive and most real
There is neither bondage nor liberation
One infinite consciousness alone exists
Abandon notions of bondage and liberation
Abide in the self and rest in peace
The actions of one of self-knowledge
Are non-volitional, never motivated
Hence he is free of their merit
Beyond praise and censure is he
He is not agitated by others at all
He himself does not agitate anyone
The self isn't attained by rites or rituals
Only by worship of sages who've attained

Vasistha's Insight

Thus instructed Iksvaku was enlightened
You too should adopt such an attitude
The ignorant are dazzled by cheap tricks
Cheap shows put on by two-bit imposters
Psychic ability is not holiness's sign
Only purity of mind and craving's absence
Absence of confusion and delusion
These are real characteristics of the holy
When samsara has come to an end in one
He is free from confusion and delusion
Lust, anger, grief, greed and attachment
These are totally absent in the enlightened
The Lord assumes individuality as jivas
Creation arises in Him spontaneously
Individuals too arise without reason
Individual actions bring bondage, not other
Pleasure and pain come by our choices
Limitations are they in one's understanding
Resulting in actions that are solely individual
Inviting consequences of wrong understanding
Existing notions are the cause of bondage
Absence of all notions is itself liberation
Why do you harbor such painful seeds
Abandon all notions for your own welfare
The ropes of attraction bind the careless
You are free if attraction does not attract
You can still enjoy natural pleasures as they come
Without attraction which craves and binds
Do what has to be done, as it comes
With full heart, mind and energy
Avoid all personal interests—poisons all
Bringing untold suffering and increased delusion
All notions exist in the mind
Conquer the mind by the mind
Purify the mind by the mind
Destroy the mind by the mind
A washerman washes dirt with dirt
A thorn is removed by another thorn
Poison is the antidote for poison
Resort to the all—letting go of the small
Resort to pure unmodified consciousness
The supreme reality, the cosmic being
Remain ever firmly established in it
Resolutely and firmly rejecting all else

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