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Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter V: Section Dealing with Dissolution

2. The Story of King Janaka

Song of the Perfected Ones

Janaka is a great monarch with unlimited vision
A righteous king and benefactor to good people
One day as he roamed in a garden
He heard an inspiring song of the perfected ones
They sang a song of their contemplation
On that pure divisionless experience
Of seer or experiencer in contact with the seen
Without any division or conceptualization
They sang about the self they contemplate
In which creation is inherently reflected
When the subject-object division has ceased
The pure self, in which all is, is reflected naturally
They sang about the light that illumines all
Shining as subject and object as well
Shining within all, within the middle too
Divisionless—only appearing divided
They sang of the reality that encompasses all
To which all belongs, from which all emerges
Which is the only cause of all and everything
The reality which is verily everything indeed
They sang of the self—the basis of all
The entire field of language and expression
Indicated by the word 'I' or aham
Pure existence—the supreme reality
They sang beautiful words of compassion
For those who pursue shadows—not truth
Pursuing pleasures abandoning the Lord
Ever they dwell in their own hearts as self
They sang about the worthlessness of objects
The pursuit of which is bondage itself
Resulting in sorrow most unimaginable
Never bringing the joys that they promise
They sang about ending sorrow completely
By striking down craving with wisdom's rod
Whether the craving has surfaced or not
Urgent it is—abandon craving ruthlessly
They sang about the delight that peace brings
To one self-controlled—established in peace
The joys and pure bliss that do arise
Without any delay in the well-controlled

Vasistha's Comments

Hearing the words of the sage's song
King Janaka became terribly depressed
He immediately repaired to his chamber
And contemplated the words in intense anguish

King Janaka to Himself

I am helplessly swinging like a stone in life
I am in love with this life though short it is
I feel I cannot do without life, foolishly
All the while it is amidst eternity itself
How is it that I've become so deluded?
Knowing all differences exist in the mind alone
The business of the world never decreases
Business is in and of the mind—not of the world
All that is seen and experienced changes and ends
The wise never rely on things that change
What is cherished today is despised tomorrow
Into what shall we lay trust, O foolish mind?
I feel tethered firmly without a cord
I feel tainted too without impurity
Fallen am I while remaining on top
What mystery is this, O my self?
Strange is this delusion that has gripped me
Who are these friends and so-called relatives?
I'm deluded by relationships thoroughly
My clinging to them is my bondage
So many have come, so many have gone
Why am I anchored to what must go too
Even powerful kings and gods come and go
Fie on me for snaring myself so pitifully
Like an ignorant fool I live—completely deluded
Feeling 'I am so-and-so'—full of vain cravings
From sorrow to greater sorrow have I fallen
Yet, dispassion has not arisen in me!
The world  and people are just as they are
In every life the story is exactly the same
Why have I not arisen above this delusion?
Knowing full well the flames I roast in
Religious rites bring better conditions at best
But all conditions have the same sorrows
Sorrow and happiness chase each other
Till one wears out and is consumed by death
Life-span is nothing in time's grand scale
Time is opportunity for trials to come
Mind alone is the seed of this delusion
Sense of 'I' and 'mine'—is seed of the mind
Accidental coincidence is the sole designer
In delusion we see connection with all that occurs
A coconut falls when a crow alights on the tree
The connection between these is imagination
Far better to spend time in seclusion
Than to suffer the pains of delusion
Intention or motivation gives rise to all
I shall now dry up this motivation!
I have suffered enough—now I shall rest
I have grieved enough—no more shall I
I will slay the mind—thief of wisdom
Instructed well—I will seek self-knowledge

Vasistha's Comments

Thus sat the king in deep contemplation
Not noticing attendants who came to awaken
Fully engrossed and absorbed was the king
Finding a way was his only urgency

King Janaka to Himself Again

Short-lived are royal life and duties
No use to me—what to do with them?
I shall renounce all activities and pleasures
And stay ever immersed in the self
Abandon craving for sense-pleasures, O mind!
Be free of these repetitive cycles of bondage
Enough of vain living in pleasure-seeking
Seek ye now the bliss inherent in the self
What is worth gaining—nothing ever stays
On what in this world can I place confidence
Whether active or idle—all things must go
I must be established in equanimity—else great is the loss
Not longing for what is mine or what is not mine
Let what comes naturally come—what is the harm?
Nothing to work for but inactivity does no good
Let me be established in equanimity and act naturally
With the mind established in desirelessness
The body can do what needs to be done
Inactivity is not good for body or mind
Let me do my duties without sense of 'I'

Vasistha Comments

Reflecting thus, Janaka engaged in his duties
Freed from desires, aversion and conditioning
Doing the needful with full attention
And retiring to seclusion for meditation

King Janaka to his Mind

Worldly happiness is not happiness, O mind!
Reach now the state of perfect equanimity
There alone will peace and bliss be attained
Experience of Truth alone will satisfy
Abandon all notions, hopes and expectations
Seek that which you determine to be the truth
To all and anything you are unrelated
Any relationship felt is due to delusion
Abandon sorrow, resort to deep contemplation
Nothing in this world can give you fullness
Take refuge in courage and endurance
Overcome your waywardness—you can do this

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