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Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter VI: Dealing with Liberation

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9. The Story of the Vampire


When ignorance ceases through self-inquiry
The individual becomes non-individual
The mind ceases—becomes no-mind
This is known as moksha or liberation
Deep in the forest there lived a vampire
It appeased its hunger with the deluded
Once unable to find such in the forest
It ventured to the city and met the king

The Vampire' Questions

O king kindly answer the questions asked
What sun's rays form this universe
In what mighty wind does space manifest
What is the self that stays always unchanged
What is the essence of the world-appearance
In which atom are the universes contained
What formless rock has all worlds within
Kindly answer these questions or be my meal

The King's Reply

The sun of consciousness illumines all
In that light universes are atomic particles
All things appear real because of that light
Dust particles called creation appear in it
All shines in that Supreme Self only
As dust particles in a beam of light
Time, space, motion and intelligence
All is clothed in pure consciousness

Vasistha's Insight

The vampire became silent hearing the king
Deeply contemplating the message conveyed
You too can achieve what seems impossible
If you remain immovable in truth and live wisely
Right action is doing what needs to be done
It is effortless though effort is involved
It is free of struggle as response is always clear
Once one feels all this is indeed consciousness
Obstruction is a clash of unreal with real
The unreal being only notions in the mind
Ignore all notions—they will starve to death
Act as part of each situation, not separate from it

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