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Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter VI: Dealing with Liberation

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5. The Story of the Wood-Apple

The Wood-Apple

There is a wood-apple, immeasurably large
Existing for eons, it does not perish or decay
It is the source and support of immortality
Most ancient, ever new—just like the moon
The center and heart of the universe
Immovable and indestructible it is
Even cosmic dissolution cannot shake it
Immeasurably large—source of all creation
Even when ripe, it does not fall
Forever ripe, it never over-ripens
Even gods know not its origin
None have seen the tree—its source
Beginningless, without middle or end
All that can be said is—it does exist
Changeless and without modification
Without any diversity within itself
Completely full without emptiness
Fountain-source of joy and delight
It is none other than the manifestation
Of energy in infinite consciousness

It is Energy of Infinite Consciousness

This energy of infinite consciousness
Manifests as this vast creation you see
Without ever abandoning its true nature
Merely by willing in its own intelligence
Even 'willing' is not really the truth at all
As willing implies existing ego-sense
From it has come all the elements
Subjective senses and the objects
It itself is space, time and natural order
Expansion of thought and 'I'-ness too
Attraction and repulsion, above and below
The firmament and stars it alone is
Knowledge, ignorance—all, whatever is
All that was and all that will ever be
All and everything is energy only
Energy of infinite consciousness
Though it is conceived of as being diverse
It is neither one nor many, this ‘it’
It is nature of supreme all-inclusive peace
It is the one immeasurable infinite self

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