Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter One

6i. Time

Enjoyments and pleasures are delusion
Reflected in the mirror of the mind
All controlled by the wheel of time
Which leaves nothing undestroyed
Time gives a glimpse of itself
As year and age but stays hidden
Overpowering all and everything
Consuming all most mercilessly
The greatest magician of all is time
It cannot be analyzed at all
Consuming insects and gods too
In the fury of its insatiable appetite
Like a boy playing with a little ball
Time plays with the sun and moon
Creating and dissolving universes
Time is established in the absolute
Continually at work without rest
Time does not tire or rejoice
Neither coming nor going at all
Never rising—neither does it set
The gourmet time sees all objects
As they ripen in the fire of sun
As tasty treats for consuming
And wipes them out playfully
To lotus of youth—the nightfall
To elephant of time—the lion
Destroying all and everything
But indestructible is this time
As one sleeps after a hard day
Time sleeps during dissolution
With creation-potential hidden in it
Unknowable and unfathomable is time 

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