Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter One: Dealing with Dispassion

2. Sage Valmiki's Counsel

Qualified is one to take up study
Of the dialogue of Rama and Vasistha
Who feels bound and seeks liberation
Being neither ignorant nor enlightened
Valmiki spoke about the background
Of the dialogue he revealed for all
Containing the secret of liberation
Of Rama and those who listened sincerely
This is not merely a story in the past
But contains a teaching for eternity
If you too live like they did live
You will attain freedom from sorrow
This world-appearance is a confusion
Just like the blueness of the sky
It is better not to dwell on it
But to ignore it while it lasts
Neither freedom nor self-realization
Is possible till conviction arises
That world-appearance is confusion
Between the real and the unreal
Study this scripture or any other
But get beyond the confusion
Of appearance and reality
And attain freedom from sorrow
Liberation is the total abandonment
Of mental conditioning without reserve
Impure conditioning causes birth
Pure conditioning helps liberate
Abandon the roots of bondage
Abandon their very seeds as well
Abandon nescience and ego-sense
Abide in the pure which does sustain
This pure and sustaining force
Does not lead to rebirth at all
It sustains by previous momentum
And not by present motivation
Hear now the story of Rama
Who lived enlightened like a sage
Knowing the truth you will be freed
From misunderstanding and all sorrow

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