Life is a Living Thing

Life is a living thing
And we are very much a part of it,
Living amidst all of life;
And just like nature, we are here but for one season
Which we call life—
This grand panorama of eternal harvest!

4 April ’09

In The Total Stillness Which is Very Alert

In your time in quiet,
Gaze within to see what happens
To bring about inner perception.
It takes a quiet mind to go here.
So, best to bring about total stillness,
Which is very alert.
The mind will still work,
But at a slower rate.
See what happens—
But don’t anticipate anything.
Just turn the gaze,
Become very still and remain alert.
This going on for some time
Will slow things down to see.

22 April ’09

The Dawn of Nature's Motiveless Action

In the stillness of dawn hours, nature is bustling with activity!
Her natural alarm clocks echo their dutiful cries;
Her orchestra is my music in the morning!
All of nature’s activity is without motive—just celebration,
Each sounding their dutiful tone in nature’s orchestra.
This, the human struggles with.
In motiveless action, there is great release and discovery at the same time.

5 September ’09

The Climate of Adversity

Don’t be distracted, be steady and thorough.
There are distractions all day long, but work goes on.
Adversity is the climate to thrive in!
Be very flexible and always very happy!

29 September ’09

The Velocity of Motiveless Action

Action with motive is action in friction,
And it is impossible to gain momentum with the brakes on.
Any kind of tension acts like a break on one’s performance,
And motive is a brake or break-down!
When motive is completely pulled out of the equation,
The movement becomes steady.
Our lives abound in opportunity to do just this from morning to evening,
But we put motive in the driver’s seat and go the other way.
Each has to see the wisdom—and tremendous benefit
Of motiveless action!—which is but tremendous velocity
As there is no friction.

23 December ’09