Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter One: Dealing with Dispassion

4. Sage Vishvamitra's Arrival

Soon Sage Vishvamitra of world renown
Arrived at Rama's father's court
The king welcomed him with great praise
Granting in advance any boon he sought
Vishvamitra revealed his mission clearly
Asking for Rama's help for security
As he was undertaking a religious rite
And was being troubled by some demons
Because of the nature of the ritual
He could not provide his own security
And knowing Rama's true nature
Felt this would bring him great glory
He asked the king not to delay
On account of attachment to his son
In sending Rama with him immediately
He would confer on Rama great blessings
The stunned king gave various excuses
Finally saying with Rama he could not part
Often powerful demons occupied the stage
And in time, the world stage they did depart
Vishvamitra was angered by these words
As he knew very well who Rama was
And promise given should be honored
Seeing this Sage Vasistha intervened
Said Sage Vasistha to the wise king
You should never go back on your word
Kings are exemplars of righteous conduct
Rama would be safe with Sage Vishvamitra
Sage Vasistha was the king's preceptor
The king obeyed his guidance respectfully
He asked his attendants to fetch Rama
Hearing more from them about his son

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