Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter II: The Behavior of the Seeker

1. Visvamitra Narrates the Story of Suka

O Rama, among the wise you are foremost
There is nothing you really need to know
Your knowledge needs inner confirmation
Even as Suka received from Janaka
In depths of much contemplation
Suka too arrived at this truth
About the truth concerning existence
Due to the world's changing nature
He attained supreme dispassion
Though he couldn't affirm it as truth
But because it was self-acquired
He thus sought his father's confirmation
He approached the great Sage Vedavyasa
Though his father, but as a disciple
Inquiring humbly about this diversity
Which appears, though as one creation
How has this world-creation come to be?
How will this come to an end finally?
Vedavyasa did give detailed answers
But Suka felt he knew these intuitively
Vedavyasa sensed and said to Suka
Son, I do not know any more than this
King Janaka the sage knows even more
Kindly approach him for confirmation
To Janaka's palace went young Suka
And stood outside the palace doors
Janaka the king was informed of this
But ignored his presence for a week
At the behest of king Janaka
Suka was ushered into the palace
Entertained by dancers and musicians
But Suka was unmoved by any of this
The sage king then gave Suka an audience
Confirming that he was a knower of truth
Nothing further needed to be known
As Suka had direct self-realization
Janaka did offer some words of wisdom
Diversity arises due to mental modifications
When these cease, diversity too ceases
Suka entered the state in meditation
Rama too has attained the highest wisdom
He is unattracted by any worldly pleasures
Subtle tendencies too have ceased in him
He stands at the threshold of liberation
One who is not swayed by sense pleasures
Who is able to do what needs to be done
Without motive of any sort at all
Is a liberated sage who has realized
Sage Vasistha, I request of your good self
To kindly give Rama thy words of wisdom
Thy instruction will confirm his intuition
And we all too will be greatly inspired


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