The Mirror of Life

Life and everything it constitutes becomes a mirror to look within
—it is really a mirror only—
Reflecting what is going on inside.
Everything and every moment is an opportunity
To take bold steps in the journey of self-discovery.
Heart soars with joy,
As what can be better than knowing one’s Self?
We are happy to meet others,
We will be thrilled to meet our own self—oh—this is me! Wonderful,
And I am a little larger in my heart and understanding today—delightful!
Joy comes when one lives the divine life
And beholds the flower of self through life!
Kindly do not worry about events, they change and pass.
Keep one eye within and when that slips,
Life will remind you by your response to events
—that is also looking within.

7 January ’08

Your Spiritual Fire is Your Best Friend

Wholehearted sincerity,
Whole-souled longing
And the yearning of every cell of our being
Has to come about.
This inner fire of seeking is tapas
Which is momentum at the same time.
Protect this fire,
It will keep you warm on cold nights.
Your spiritual fire is your real friend.

27 January ’08

We Are All Walking in the Same Journey

We are all walking in the same journey;
The journey which is not different from the destination
As Zen Master Basho writes.
We are going from here to here,
From one reality to a higher and more inclusive reality
And from truth to a wider truth—from light to Light.
Untruth cannot be and Truth cannot not be.

27 January ’08

The Busfare Called 'Ascent of Spirit'

Our every thought, word and deed
Is the fare of the bus called ascent of the spirit.
Pay it in sincerity, steadfastness of purpose and unbending faith
And you get the corresponding experience.
Pay it in other and you get the other.
The same bus that travels in the byroads of thought, word and deed
Can raise you, leave you where you are or some miles away
Depending on your sincerity of purpose.
Wholehearted sincerity,
Whole-souled longing
And the yearning of every cell of our being
Has to come about.

27 January ’08

The Present is a Clean Slate

The present is a clean slate!
Write on it with the chalk of effort
And thought of  aspiration!
Forget the past completely, it is buried.
The past can do nothing unless you revive it.
Let the mind dwell in the now by repeated practice.
Be wholly present in the present,
Let the present reflect in your being completely—
It is abundant in scope and full of opportunity.
The present is a clean slate, write on this blank tablet
With the chalk of effort and thought of aspiration.
Do not let the past write on the slate of the present.
Do not let the future interfere as it is imagination
In that it is unreal and can never be real.
Cut the wings of the past and future
And find a way to be wholly in the present.
Or that which requires your attention right now
And go from now to now.
Be in now and the past will loosen by itself.

29 January ’08

What is Sincerity?

Singlemindedness in thought, word, action and purpose—
One gate, one groove—
Recognition and surrender to, in,
The Divine Omnipresence that alone IS!

2 February ’08

Through the Corridors of Life

Be Serviceful Unto One and All

We are led through this corridor and that,
This door and that—
Through this movement,
Let there be movement through ego
And effort made be serviceful unto one and all.

22 February ’08

With Hands in the Pocket of Wisdom and Love

The same consciousness alone is.
Do not get attached to forms of any kind.
Do your best with and in all
With hands in the pocket of wisdom and love
So they do not try to hold and grasp.

4 June ’08