Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter One

6g. Youth

Transitioning from childhood to youth
Unable to leave unhappiness behind
Subjected to more and more conditioning
He embraces things and desires increase
Wisdom is lost as desires increase
Delusion enters the heart and mind
Selfish actions become his activity
Causing unhappiness to others and himself
Even as great forests are consumed by fire
Lust and impurities consume the mind
Distracted by thoughts of pleasures
He loses his inner peace and calm
Dashing after short lived pleasures
Makes a beggar of the young prince
Continually distracted and ever wanting
Youth breeds much mental distress
When lust and desires enter the heart
Good qualities are hastily abandoned
Each time this cycle repeats itself
Goodness is set aside callously
Youth appears desirable physically
It is most destructive to the mind
Temptations plunge one to sorrow
Hence I am not enamored by youth
They are great who have overcome
Survived the taint and evils of youth
Without succumbing to temptations
Or increasing likes and dislikes
He becomes a slave of sexual attraction
Though the body is full of impurities
Wisdom is lost in the insistence
Of what is not over what really is

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